Senior Consultant Jack Anderson heads up the Web Development recruitment team. They specialise in Development jobs across the Full-Stack spectrum, both Front and Back End, as well as Web Design jobs, Web Test jobs and even deployment, DevOps and SysAdmin.

The sort of technologies they encounter every day include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue, Backbone, D3, Three, Typescript), Python, Java, Cloud tech (Azure, google, AWS), PHP, Go, .NET, C#.

At IC Creative we nurture different specialists with specific areas of expertise because it allows us to build extensive networks throughout the digital community. This is as well as allowing us to develop in-depth knowledge about the marketplace and current trends. Jack and his team are experts in this Web Dev and focus mainly on the tech hubs within Europe such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and London.

Making connections between creative people and the companies that love them is what we love. IC Creative is one of the few stand-alone creative digital recruitment teams that specialises exclusively in creative digital jobs and creative talent. The team’s market knowledge and contact network enables us to specialise in  Design,  Development, Data, or Mobile recruitment on a global scale.

If you would like to discuss our current Development opportunities, or if you are looking for Web Developers for your team please contact Jack on +44 (0)118 907 3073 or 

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