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Simon and Jack make up the Web Development recruitment team, They specialise in Web Dev jobs across the Full-Stack spectrum, both Front and Back End, as well as Web Design jobs, Web Test jobs and even deployment, DevOps and Sys Admin.

The sort of technologies they encounter every day include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue, Backbone, D3, Three, Typescript), Python, Java, Cloud tech (Azure, google, AWS), PHP, Go, .NET, C#.

Both Jack and Simon are experts in this area and focus mainly on tech hubs within Europe such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and London.

If you would like to discuss our current Web Developer opportunities, or if you are looking for Web Developers for your team please contact Simon Lawson on +44 (0)118 976 9304 / or Jack Anderson on +44 (0)118 907 3073 / 

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