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IC Creative News: March 2019

What’s happening in UX?

So far this year we have consistently seen a heightened demand across the UX/UI landscape in London, Cambridge and Berlin.

As more clients are pushing for skills across the board we are seeing UI/UX Designers evolve into Product Designers, who can deliver end to end. This is making them much more desirable to employers, as they have the ability to cover a wider area as opposed to specialising in just one niche. Product design seems to be the next piece of the UX/UI puzzle whereby the holistic design of an entire product can be managed more effectively.

What’s happening in Client Services and Project Management?

We are seeing London as a primary hotspot for Account handling with Amsterdam and Berlin hot on its heels as the next digital tech hotspot. In Account handling, we have noticed that agencies are removing seniority from their job titles, for example; Senior Account Manager/Senior Account Director to Account Manager/Account Director in the belief that this creates more headroom and opportunity. However, we question whether the opposite may be true and whether Senior staff may become disengaged through a lack of hierarchy?

As for project management, we are noticing more client facing project manager roles – creating what would appear to be a hybrid between client services and project management. Offering more opportunity and exposure for these project managers.

What’s happening in Web?

We are seeing a healthy number of new positions arise in the tech hotspots of Cambridge, London and Oxford. This is within well-established companies and also a significant number of start-ups with candidates very much in demand in these areas. In terms of the technology stack, we are noticing more of a demand for developers with Cloud experience (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud), frontend frameworks like React/Angular and DevOps Engineers with a software development background.

React seems to be the tool of choice with front-end engineers. Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey found there was more love for React amongst developers when compared with other leading JavaScript Frameworks. As for what type of skills employers are looking for, it seems that larger companies are favouring Google’s Angular whilst smaller companies are steering towards React. What is interesting however is that both types of companies aren’t looking for candidates to have skills in both tools, instead, they are looking for one over the other.

What’s happening in Mobile?

We are seeing the growth and focus in the digital hubs of Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam remain positive.  In terms of start-ups, Amsterdam is riding high facing off with London’s position as the global gateway to Europe. This booming global hub certainly succeeds in having skilled English-speaking workforces and scores well across all categories. On the other hand, Berlin is equally striving as a growing tech hub. Both cities seem to be blessed with creative culture, varied and diversified pools of talent and expertise, as well as having a range of appealing funding programmes.

Whilst Barcelona’s profile as an emerging centre of technology has been steadily increasing.  So much so, that this year the Clínic hospital became the first in Spain to adopt 5G technology to carry out surgery at a distance.

Anyone considering a move abroad should check out Expatistan which is a cost of living database. Currently, the cost of living in Barcelona and Amsterdam is 39% less and 22% less than Berlin respectively.

If you would like to discuss any of this IC Creative News with me please email me on or call me on +44 (0)118 988 1100. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with any of our specialist consultants on hiring advice, current market, or indeed your career, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with them below.


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