Journal 22 Aug 2019

Spotlight on Contract Recruitment

Jess Moore, a Senior recruitment consultant for IC Creative, has over 7 years’ experience in recruitment and joined IC Creative in 2018.

Jess is a specialist in placing staff in contract positions across UX/UIWeb development and Mobile applications. The ability to specialise means that Jess has been able to build a robust and extensive network of candidates and clients across the creative industry. We caught up with Jess to find out what she’s seeing in the market at the moment and how she anticipates the market is likely to change over the next year.

What are you currently seeing in the contracting market?

At the moment the contracting market is fairly buoyant. It’s an exciting market to be working in as we’re seeing more senior roles coming through our doors than ever before.

Much of what we are seeing are long-term contracts for periods of 6 months or more.

There seems to be a greater willingness from candidates to relocate, which is handy as much of the increase in roles is being seen as new positions open up in Europe. In fact, over the last 24 months, we’ve seen more contract roles in Europe than within the UK.

What are your clients looking for with their contract recruitment? 

We’re currently seeing a greater expectation for contractors who can integrate into wider established teams and travel across sites globally. We await to see whether this will change next April with the introduction of changes to IR35 which will put the process under the spotlight even further.

How does your contract recruitment service differ from that of your competitors? 

Our global presence means that we can offer our candidates a wider range of roles, so whilst they may originally have only considered UK roles, we’re able to present EU options that we think may be appropriate, and because the roles are contract, these are often appealing to our candidates.

What will be the key changes in the market be over the next 2 years? 
Over the coming year, one of the biggest challenges that the market will see will be the changes to IR35. These new regulations will make it more challenging for companies to use contractors in similar roles to that of a permanent counterpart, without taking them on as a legal employee and taking responsibility for holiday pay, sick pay, NI payments and more. IC Creative are currently taking steps to help educate their clients and work closely with regulating bodies to determine what projects fall in and outside of IR35.

To find your next contract role, or for help with your Contract Recruitment, contact Jess at

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