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Are designers key to the success of a product launch?

It’s been years in the making, but after many design versions, discussions and hours of prototype testing, your product is finally ready for market. However, if this is the very first time you’ve even considered what you need for a successful product launch, you’ve got problems.

You see, the success of a product launch doesn’t depend on your ability to hire a grand venue with top class entertainment and a Michelin starred chef. These things may help to generate some initial interest, but without substance behind them, it’ll be short-lived. Planning for a successful product launch starts a lot earlier.

So, what makes a product launch successful?

Is it a good party? Good food? Impressed guests?  Or is it a queue of people desperate to buy your product and column inches bursting with product benefits rolling off the press? A launch party is simply a mechanism to get traction, but marketers can’t get this traction alone.

To get this traction you need several things:

Without these, the product launch will be nothing but an overpriced knees-up.

A crowd, or audience. Well, with social media and mobile communications, this can be done relatively quickly. A few press releases, a flurry of tweets designed to win likes and shares, and some cleverly crafted invites and you’re part way there.

Finding a product that meets a specific need is a little more complicated. Thinking about what needs the product meets at this stage is way too late. The needs that the product was designed to meet should have taken centre stage throughout the design process.

From the very early stages, the designer should be understanding the product and how it meets the needs of its target market. They should have immersed themselves in data from the market and from test panels. They should have stayed close to this data from design right through to testing. By getting your designer involved in your product launch you are unlocking a wealth of knowledge on the market and on your own product that will improve the efficiency and targeting of your marketing teams’ messaging and prove essential to effectively communicating with potential customers.

Whilst a designer is often considered as relevant to the early stages of a product’s journey to market, their involvement throughout, from design, through manufacturing, and to launch can make a dramatic difference to getting the traction required that will make any product launch a success.

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