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Why a career in Web Development could be right for you

Jack Anderson joined IC Creative in early 2017, having previously worked in the finance industry.

His educational background includes having a first-class degree in Mathematical Sciences and a Masters in Actuarial Finance. Following a successful career working as an Actuary and Investment Consultant for the best part of a decade, Jack decided it was time for a career change.

Since joining IC Creative, Jack has been able to use his consultancy skills to build up a strong portfolio of clients in the UK and across mainland Europe and has acquired in-depth knowledge of the Web Development market.

I caught up with Jack to find out more about Web Development and to find out how to build a career in this growing area.

What is Web Development?

Put simply, Web Development is the work involved in developing a web site for the internet or an intranet (a private network).  Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications (web apps). This includes developing any kind of website or web app, ranging from companies trying to sell their product to social network services.

Where are most Web Development roles appearing?

I would say that the most Web Development roles are appearing in and around the UK tech hubs. Including London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. But we also have opportunities in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna.

Can you explain any recent changes within your market?

Traditionally, Full Stack Developer (Frontend and Backend) roles involve typical languages such as Javascript, Java, Python and PHP and we are seeing a significant increase in junior developers entering the scene. In recent times, we have also seen a big increase in demand for DevOps Engineers and Cloud Engineers.

Can you discuss a few clients that you are working with?

Our current clients include HP, Accenture, Samsung, Apple, McLaren and BAE. The majority of our clients are based in the UK (London, Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol) and mainland Europe (Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Vienna). These are the main European technology hubs but we also work in many other cities across Europe. The type of company varies from small tech start-ups to huge multi-national organisations and household names.

What’s next for Web Development recruitment?

Due to the current boom in the tech industry, there are more start up roles than ever. There is a huge opportunity for developers who are open to the idea of working for not so well-established companies as this has many benefits. For example, exciting new projects and products along with higher financial reward, with some companies offering share options.

As for work environments, traditional companies are slowly adopting to modern ways, including an increase in remote working which can be really attractive to many potential employees.

We are also seeing a demand for developers with excellent soft skills to go with their technical skills as there is an increasing need for technically minded employees to be able to communicate effectively with clients and customers relating to the product that they are working on.

How to stand out in the Web Development market

When asked how candidates can boost their chances of landing their next web development role, Jack recommends the following:


To find your next role in Web Development, or for help with your Web Development recruitment to take your business to the next level, contact Jack at

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