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Should You UX For Free?

As we’re sure you know, your UX talent is an amazing, valuable asset! As in any profession, the marketplace can put a price on your skills, and your level of experience and career aspiration can indicate what you could be worth to a company.

So, when should you work for free?

When you’re just starting out

Most UX-lings will know that it’s tough starting out, but with the right attitude and contacts you can get there! Getting together an awesome portfolio is an important first step, and a great way to do this before landing your first job is to offer your services free of charge.

When it’s a project you love

If there’s a brand, company or start up you’d be honoured to have your name attached to, there’s no harm in offering assistance to make your dream come true. If there’s a job going – even better – but if you’re motivated by the work itself, then let them know you’d be happy to help out – you never know what may come of it!

When it’s a friend in need

As you grow your network of UX colleagues you may come across those who are struggling to get their own projects off the ground. Why not help out, get involved in something cool, and help a friend realise their vision at the same time?

When you want to collaborate

You’re a UX developer with an idea. Your friend’s a designer, who also knows a mean UX researcher looking for some short term work. What better than to put your skills together and create something worthwhile? Working together with only a mission and coffee spurring you on can result in something beautiful.

So there you have it; our top reasons why you might like to offer up your valuable skills for zilch! While you’re building an awesome portfolio of work for your dream UX job, it can be a fantastic way to demonstrate your abilities. You’ll likely improve your craft, learn a thing or two and build up a great network along the way.

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