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Creative’s 101: How to choose a recruitment consultant

This month, in Creatives 101, we’ll take a look at the role of the recruitment consultant and how you can find yourself the right representative. Not just a recruitment consultant that will help you find a job, but one that will be able to deliver the best opportunities and really add value to your job search.

In recent years, recruitment consultants have become an increasingly imperative part of a job search, but what is their purpose and how can they help? Should they just provide a window into the current job market, or are you entitled to expect more from your recruitment consultant?

Around the world, celebrities and sports stars depend on agents to get them the very best deals.

It is the agent’s job to use their network and their skills to secure the best opportunities and attract the most interest for the actor or NFL player. They save the actor or sportsman time allowing them to focus on keeping their skills on point and, when the right opportunity comes up, they are responsible for landing and securing the very best deal possible for the star. So, how do you find a recruitment consultant that’ll do this for you in your job search?

Look for a recruitment consultant that specialises in your area

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ and we’ve all tried spreading ourselves too thinly at times, only to find that we don’t develop a deep enough knowledge in anything.

Look for a specialist recruitment consultant, one that is committed to your sector or vertical. Having the time to specialise in a single vertical doesn’t just mean that the consultant will have built a stronger network, they will also have a much better understanding of your skills, the needs of the recruiting companies and the marketplace. Therefore, they’ll be able to act as an advisor on the state of the market, individual employers and other opportunities too.


Look for an established recruitment consultant

Building a network of recruiters takes time and commitment. It isn’t the sort of thing that happens overnight. An established recruiter will have taken years to build up a network of contacts in various industries. They will have nurtured the relationship which is essential when it comes to engendering the recruiter’s confidence that the candidates they’ve recommended will be worth seeing.

You can’t expect a new business in the field to have the same connections and opportunities as an established recruitment consultant.


Find a recruitment consultancy that works as a team

Many recruitment consultancies incentivise each consultant for the placements they personally make, creating a siloed approach and encouraging consultants to sit on the very best candidates. With a great candidate, the consultant knows they’ll be able to make a placement when the right job comes up and therefore can keep a candidate waiting rather than working with other team members to identify actual live jobs to help the candidate find the right job for them.

At IC Creative, and our sister company, IC Resources, we’re incentivised as a team to make placements, rather than as individuals. This means we’re not competing and in-fighting for the best candidates, the best opportunities and the best placements, we’re working together for the best results for our candidates.


Looking for these things will help you to find a recruitment consultant that will make your life easier and better. That may sound a little extreme, but with a recruitment consultant knowing the market and finding the right opportunities for you, you can focus on continuing to do a stand-out job in your current role, whilst looking for a new position.

Your consultant will have the knowledge and experience to get the very best results for you in your job search, finding the right role for you with the best remuneration package possible, making your life better.

Of course, if you’re looking for a creative role within the technology market, give us a call. Our consultants work together as a team to match the right candidates to the right roles. Over the last 20 years, we’ve placed many candidates and built substantial networks with recruiters in technology businesses all over the world and we’re always looking for great new talent that will help our clients reach the next stage in their growth. Send us your CV today.





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